Erotomanic or Clérambault syndrome

What is erotomania or Clérambault syndrome?

It is explained as an extraordinary mental health condition that occurs when an individual is fixated on the idea that another individual is extremely in love with them. It is usually directed towards a celebrity, or a wealthy person or a high social position. This thought is considered being delusional because it is not reality. It is common that the individual suffering from Clérambault syndrome has never met the person they are fixated on.


The essential symptom is that an individual believes that another person is intensely in love with them when there is no evidence of this belief.

Common symptoms:

  • Obsessively gathering data related to the other individual if they are a public figure
  • Sending a ton of letters, emails or gifts
  •  Constantly calling the other person
  • The individual is convinced that the other individual is trying to communicate through code messages in the news, on TV, movies or through social media
  • Experiencing jealousy because you think the other person is seeing someone else.
  • Harassing the other person in public
  • Losing interest in other activities, because talking about the other person is more important.

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