Mentally Healthy

People commonly confuse mental illness with mental health, some people might think they have a mental illness or disorder, while in fact they are just in a state of a poor mental health. Health is defined as a state of well-being of the mental and social, along with the physical aspects. In which there is a state of well-being, and not just an absence of a disease or infirmity. The state of well-being requires that an individual is capable of realizing one´s own potential, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and contribute to the community. (Martins, 2021).

This definition is obtained from the World Health Organization and implies that there is no health without a mental health. However, the definition has received criticism as an individual´s mental health is not optimal at all times, just as an individual´s physical health is not optimal at all times, for example, when one trips, falls, and hurts their knee. In comparison to the mental health, if someone hurts you, it is normal to feel sad, or if you hurt someone it is normal to feel guilt. While these are not considered positive emotions, they are a part of the mentality and is very important to humans, because they help when in danger, with the main purpose of survival. One can look at it as a clue that some factors related to your body needs attention. (MAGGIE). Accompanied by other arguments, Galderisi et al. brought a more suitable definition of mental health: it is a dynamic state of internal equilibrium that allows individuals to use their abilities in harmony with universal values of society. (2015). Where universal values include respect and care for oneself and other living beings. While a dynamic state of internal equilibrium involves that according to changes in one´s life, like an adolescence crisis, marriage or becoming a parent, will require changes in the achieved equilibrium as well. An individual considered mentally healthy will experience different emotions related to different situations. Everyone has days when they are feeling down, which means that a person cannot be positive and happy continuously. In this case it would matter more how one copes in different situations.

This substantiates the fact that deviations in social norms are more important to notice, for instance some serial killers will experience an optimal state of well-being while killing their victims. In accordance with social norms, the normal reaction when killing other individuals involve more of these negatively related emotions such as guilt or shame. Another aspect to take into consideration is that it could be a dysfunction in which one or more aspects of a person´s life is impaired. In these cases, we are leaning towards a mental illness or disorder. (Martins, 2021).


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