People with pyromania set fires to obtain pleasure and release inner tension or anxiety. Before setting the fire, the tension of the individual experience, and affective arousal before setting a fire. It is also common that be fascinated by fire by spending time at a local fire department or watching fires in their spare time. Paramania is considered a psychiatric diagnosis but can also occur during manic episodes.

As mentioned earlier, people with pyromania do so to gain satisfaction, not for momentary gains such as revenge or to collect insurance money.  In fact, both prevalence and the cause of Pyromania are unknown, however, it seems to be more abundant in people with other mental illnesses such as antisocial personality disorder. If someone is suspected of having pyromania it is essential that they are given immediate treatment in order to prevent damage to oneself, property, or others. The aim of cognitive-behavioral therapy in the case of Pyromania is to make the individual acknowledge the feelings of tension and help them find a safer way to release them (Morin, 2021)


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