Fetishistic Disorder

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For it to be considered a fetishistic disorder it needs to last for a period of a minimum of 6 months. It is recurrent and intense sexual arousal from specific non-genitalia body parts or of nonliving objects such as underwear. The fantasies, sexual urges, and behaviors can cause clinically significant stress or impairment when affecting important areas of functioning. Fetishes typically develop with puberty. It is believed by some theorists that fetishes occur due to an object or body part being associated with a person’s earliest memory of sexual experience whether it be through arousal or masturbation. However, there is no current evidence that concludes the cause of the fetishistic disorder. Treatment may include cognitive behavioral therapy which is effective for treating fetishes. Sex therapy and medication are also options. A sex therapist would take a detailed sexual and psychological history in order to assess the factors that have contributed to the interest the individual may have, and how that may be further expressed through the fantasies, urges, and behaviors of the individual. Medication includes selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors that would result in,  lowering sex drive, and help with depression or anxiety. A lowered sex drive is said to help the impulsivity of the individual associated with fetishistic thoughts. Foot fetishes are not that uncommon from what I have learned. A foot fetish (podophilia) is a sexual interest in feet, toes, and ankles because it simply turns you on. It varies from person to person as some may be aroused by just looking at feet while others get aroused by seeing painted nails, certain shoes, and the use of other accessories. Some may even be aroused by the humiliation aspect of it. This is because the feet may be considered as a body part that is below people’s. Having a feel on their body gives the feeling of being put in their place due to the sense of power play that is being used. I have seen people on TikTok talk about how they have a side hustle by selling their feet pic or how they earn money by running a whole feet fetish account. There are also people who sell used socks and dirty underwear (linked to a type of olafactophilia which is called bromidrophilia) to people with this fetish which is unusually interesting to me.


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