GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Cropped shot of a woman feeling anxious

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, commonly referred to as GAD, is characterized by excessive, persistent and unreasonable anxiety about everyday things. The anxiety in those patients may be present even though they know it is unreasonable and they do not have a specific trigger causing this feeling of stress. Moreover this disorder is seen as a spectrum, which means that it may differ in severity. Usually patients with severe GAD have almost all parts of their life impared and have problems with most if not all daily activities. On the other hand in mild cases of GAD patients may be able to retain their job and some level of social life. However the severity of GAD is not constant and may change overtime. 

The causes of GAD are not clearly defined. However genetics and environmental factors are believed to be associated. Moreover the prevalence in females is twice as high as in males.

The treatment for GAD can be focused on therapy or medication or on the mixture of both. The most common therapy is CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), as it teaches the patient to think, behave and react differently.

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