OCD ruminations

Rumination ocd are thoughts and images that pop up in the mind of the affected one, without getting to relax from these forceful thoughts in many cases it ends up becoming a very heavy weight and holds great effect on the life of the individual. There are different types of ocds, which when it comes to diagnosing, is rather easy to spot. Some individuals might obsess compulsively over washing their hands, in fear of being contaminated by someone sick or just in general being “freaked out” by what they see as bad bacteria and bugs. Rumination is closely linked to OCD and can be seen as going over the same thought, question or image repeatedly in an all-consuming manner. Rumination however, can be seen as less intrusive than OCD and obsession even though it's typically focused on negative content.

Examples of factor that could be present in someone with rumination OCD are;
Forceful thought about violence towards oneself or other people, believing that unless something is executed perfectly or in a certain way it will not be worth doing or nor good enough, going through old memories or experiences in one's mind in a repeated and obsessive manner.

When it comes to treating OCD ruminations, seeking help from a psychologist could be a great first step. This is a great way to better understand the origin of the problem, understand why and in what way the intrusive thoughts come from. A proven to be effective treatment method is mindfulness. From there on one should keep track of progress, try and identify potential triggers and maybe try journalling.


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